Democrats intimidating voters

On Monday, the shorthanded Supreme Court -- with eight justices instead of the usual nine as Republicans have blocked President Barack Obama's nominee to replace the late conservative justice Antonin Scalia -- sided with the appeals court.

In keeping with protocol, the high court is reluctant to intervene just before a national election.

and Conor Mc Gregor may turn out to be the most vigorously bet in history, You’re not hypocritical for supporting the Google engineer and not Colin Kaepernick — or vice versa Check your internal logic: A lawyer and instructor in business ethics looks at whether the ethical right to protest without career-ending consequences is the same in both cases.The RNC and New Jersey’s Republican Party allegedly had off-duty law enforcement officers stand at polling places in urban areas wearing “National Ballot Security Task Force” armbands. Joshua Kaul, an attorney representing the Democratic National Committee, told the judge in Newark on Friday that Trump has “repeatedly encouraged his supporters to engage in vigilante efforts” in the guise of ferreting out potential voter fraud. Bobby Burchfield, an attorney for Republicans, told the judge that party volunteers are engaging in normal poll-watching and that Democrats haven’t found one instance in which someone was intimidated or prevented from voting.Judge John Michael Vazquez did not immediately rule. District Judge Richard Boulware says he’s also keeping time open for a Tuesday hearing in case of further allegations of intimidation.The legal battle, followed across the country because of its potential implications, had stemmed from Trump's assertions on the campaign trail -- without providing evidence -- that the election was likely to be "rigged" and that his supporters should watch polling sites on Tuesday.Fearing this call would lead to Trump supporters intimidating voters, particularly minorities who are more likely to support Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Ohio Democratic Party filed a lawsuit and initially won their case in federal court on Friday.

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